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The Department of Cultural Anthropology and European Ethnology offers BA, MA and PhD programmes in European Ethnology.

The master’s programme in European Ethnology at the University of Graz is unique for the way in which it incorporates project-based learning. Students develop a project by researching specific content and presenting their research in the form of a publication, an exhibition, a film or a similar product, each meeting the standards of the cultural sciences. A “learning by doing” approach means that students work together to acquire knowledge of methods in ethnography and the cultural sciences, as well as honing their interpretative, reflective and theoretical skills. When presenting their research to the public, they also acquire non-academic expertise that stands them in good stead for their professional lives.

In addition, the Department runs numerous Erasmus partnerships and warmly welcomes exchange students from European partner universities. Selected courses in the Department's prospectus and related fields of study are also taught in English (please refer to guidance provided in the course descriptions).

You can find details of courses under “Teaching”. To view our complete offering, visit UGO (Uni Graz Online) and switch to English by clicking on the flags top right; then, from the drop down menu in the “Search” box (also top right), select “Degree programmes” and enter “European Ethnology” as your search term. Under the Department of Cultural Anthropology and Comparative European Ethnology, you will only find the courses beginning with 517.xxx!

For the elective subjects, special emphasis is placed upon courses offered by the Centre for Jewish Studies, the Centre for Cultural Sciences and in the field of Historical Anthropology.

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